23/52: Rainy Days

Thursday, June 16, 2016

My camera charger is still missing, and boy do I feel the absence of the big camera when I have to stick with my phone for weekly pictures! 

After many straight dry days in a row, we're finally getting some rain! I have to admit, the warm but non-humid days were pretty glorious, but I was getting antsy for some rain... The pond was getting low, the plants clearly needed it, and it just doesn't feel like summer in Virginia without storms!

Today it finally started raining again, and we woke up to a fairly sticky house because it was so humid (literally, my feet were sticking to the wood floors!). So we mostly stayed inside, turned on the air conditioning, and entertained ourselves!

Peter did what Peter does best: Insisted on sitting in my lap while I read him books. He's been singing the ABCs lately and it's just about the cutest thing you've ever heard!

Cecilia decided she desperately needed to weave something. She's never actually done any weaving besides some fairly lame construction paper weaving a couple years back, but I took a page from Cristina's book and set something up from her using my mom's yarn stash and the lone yarn needle I could find. She decided it would be a baby doll mat, then a placemat, then a bookmark, and finally a very small wall hanging. She probably worked on it for 1-2 hours before she decided she was done, despite MUCH screaming from the twins because THEY wanted the blue needle!!!

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Mary Claire was occasionally distracted from screaming about the yarn needles by one of our current favorite library finds - who doesn't love Mercer Mayer? Apparently there are quite a few in this series of wordless picture books, which are super-fun for creative 3-year-olds who tend to make up their own version of whatever story we're reading anyway!

Elizabeth made two X's out of some trash, then asked me, "Whose name starts with X and ends with X?"

I was stumped... Xerox? Xanax?

"I don't think there are any names like that?"

"Oh, den it must be XX for me, because I'm XX!"

She and Mary Claire absorbed EVERYTHING the one time we talked about chromosomes, and they're always talking about how they're XX, and John Paul and Peter and Dad are XY. It's HILARIOUS.

John Paul obviously had to start his own weaving project when he saw Cecilia doing one. Thankfully he knew my mom had an extra yarn needle, and his process was so different from hers. He decided to make a pouch, and he would be doing pretty well only to notice a mistake a few rows back. So instead of letting it be, he would carefully and patiently unweave every single row that he had done in order to fix the mistake. I'm betting he'll never finish, but I've gotta say I'm pretty impressed with the maturity he showed just trying to start!

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