25/52: Getting Dirty

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

We got home from a quick outing today and the girls decided they had to get dressed up to go to a wedding. So Elizabeth put on Cecilia's old flower girl dress (which already had rips all over it from the day of that wedding, so it became a dress-up item long ago) and... Went outside to work in the garden. Then she found one of her favorite things, a sour green apple on the ground!

Cecilia decided to take her fancy dress off, though, because she had found an earthworm in the garden and needed to transfer it to the habitat she's been building for earthworms. So far it was just dirt, so she was pretty excited to add a first occupant!

Meanwhile, Peter was in his element finding plums to eat. Whenever I can't find him outdoors, it's usually because he's quietly eating plums under the plum trees. I asked him to show me his plum and he stomped towards me, excited, and thrust out his plum. "SOW!" he said, emphatically.

After we harvested the garlic, we added some cow manure to the raised beds and the girls were pretty excited about all the nice loose soil that they helped Andrew mix. Today was their last day digging in it, though, because we planted carrots and zinnias in there. Let's hope Mary Claire doesn't go to town on that nice loose soil tomorrow! Maybe it's time to get a sandbox or something...

Meanwhile, John Paul can pretty much always be found either riding his bike or riding his scooter, as fast as possible at all times!

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