30/52: Banana Chips

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The kids are bottomless pits these days. It doesn't help that I'm constantly eating, so they feel like they should be as well...

Banana chips (or "Bunna Tsips" according to Peter) are generally an okay "whenever" snack in my book - they can each have a few and it's impossible to make a mess with them. Apparently princess dresses are the best attire to wear while snacking.

And you need to make sure you have your pet calf with you in case it gets hungry, right?

Count them carefully to make sure you and your twin have the exact same number as each other.

But don't let it interrupt your reading!

Meanwhile, Cecilia chose to set up a makeshift "beauty station" so that she could brush her hair and arrange her paperclip jewelry just so.

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