33/52: First Day of School

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I just can't. I can NOT. The series of pictures at the bottom of this post is KILLING ME. 

Last year I didn't bother with a "first day of school" post beyond this one (in which I recounted how horrible our first day was!), but this year I decided to do "school pictures" out by one of the maple trees in the yard, and the kids were ALL excited, even Peter!

Name: Peter Damian
Age: 21 months
Grade: Toddler
Most excited to: Color with crayons and NOT eat them
Future occupation: "Dive Dada car! Dive TUCK!" So... Truck driver? Chauffeur?

Name: Mary Claire
Age: 3 years, 9 months
Grade: Pre-K
Most excited to: Learn about ladybugs
Future occupation: "Just a grown-up! Or... *giggling* Maybe I'll be an air conditioning!!!"

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 3 years, 9 months
Grade: Pre-K
Most excited to: Learn more about birds
Future occupation: "I don't know..." John Paul whispers, "Do you want to be a lawyer with me?" "Yeah!!! A lawyer!"

Name: Cecilia Therese
Age: 5 years, 7 months
Grade: Kindergarten
Most excited to: Write in cursive
Future occupation: "I don't know... A mom?"

Name: John Paul
Age: 7 years, 1 month
Grade: 2nd
Most excited to: Learn about maps
Future occupation: "An electrician, a football player, I'll get my PhD in robotics, a dad, a lawyer (with the oldest son of one of the partners in Andrew's firm, although they've never discussed this...)."

Then we decided to take an all-school picture. John Paul insisted on age-order, which worked pretty well but Peter ran away after the first shot... 

Then I promised him a mini-wheat, and he came back.

So I had to take the pictures fast before he ran away again! 

Cecilia kept vamping, and it KILLS ME. This series of pictures is one that's gonna live on in Hill Family History, I think.

Yesterday John Paul buried some plastic gold medals in the garden, drew a treasure map, and dug them up right before we took pictures. That's why he and Cecilia are wearing them!

But don't ask me to explain why Mary Claire is hiking her jumper up higher and higher in each picture...

I *do* think it was good of her to wear a denim jumper, though - really, we wouldn't be a proper homeschooling family without at least ONE denim jumper in the picture!

And there you have it! The first day went swimmingly, and let's hope the rest of the year goes just as well!

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