34/52: Butterfly Release

Monday, September 5, 2016

So... I'm a really good mom. 

LAST YEAR I got a butterfly habitat, intending to let the kids do a little "science" study and then a butterfly release.

Well. We moved. Things were nuts. I never actually ordered the caterpillars.

But this year I finally did! (Affiliate note: we used this kit, which is fabulous and I love all their products)

Side note: I feel like the alternate title to this post should be "My Kids Have Dirty Faces" or something like that... 

They all crowded around the torn-up habitat, hoping that a butterfly might land on one of them on its way out of the netting.

John Paul even took a break from his very important game involving wrapping a pool noodle around his body and sticking the end in his pocket, so he could fill it with berries by dropping them down the hole of the pool noodle.

Peter didn't understand why we wouldn't let him grab the butterflies out of the habitat...

And Cecilia was the only lucky one who actually DID have a butterfly land on her!

We'll see if the painted lady butterflies end up sticking around... We've got lots of other types of butterflies, but I don't think we had any native painted ladies already.

And Mary Claire (oh, sweet Mary Claire...) was incredibly offended that no butterflies landed on HER. Some kids don't take things personally. Other kids are Mary Claire. We're working on it ;)

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