36/52: Let's Go Fly A Kite!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

We found some cheap kites at the grocery store when we were stocking up before our trip - I thought they would be nice for the beach if it was too cool to swim (which it was a few days that we were there), so I snagged a couple.

Most of the time they just ended up in the sand. John Paul put them together without following any instructions, which usually turns out okay, but not this time... Both broken!

Peter was not particularly happy with the beach on this first morning, and kept trying to go back up the steps to the house. After a few minutes, we decided to give up on the kites and just go for a walk together. We found lots of scallop shells, mermaid purses, and the girls collected a whole bucket full of broken shells that we left on the porch of the beach house. We meant to try getting a few more kites while we were there, but only ever found the $20+ type at random gift shops, so we never did get a good flight in!

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