37/52: Last Day at the Beach

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Okay, so these were technically taken the same week as the last post... But we have so many beach pictures I couldn't limit them to one post!

It wasn't too hot the whole time we were at the beach - some days it was really too chilly to go in the water, but the waves were also big enough that it wasn't always safe to go in! John Paul, Cecilia, and Mary Claire were the brave ones (Mary Claire only while holding a hand) and happily got soaked time and time again. Elizabeth and Peter were NOT fans of the waves. Or the water at all (really, I'm the same way - I much prefer the lake to the ocean, because I need the milder tides). But they *did* play in the sand quite a bit, particularly by the last day we were there.

Mostly they worked on making towers and then wrecking them, and also burying themselves/each other in the sand. We were pretty thankful that the house we rented had an outdoor shower so that we could wash them off without tracking tons of sand into the house! And they liked the novelty of it so much that we skipped baths for the entire week!

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