3/52: Dimples & Baby Smiles

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Every time I put Edith down on the floor, the kids crowd around her like she's a celebrity. Really, that's pretty much what new babies are, right? They're pretty good about not kissing her anywhere but on her hair or her forehead, although Peter really does like to get ascloseaspossible to her, and he's the one with the constant runny nose... It's a wonder she's staying healthy!

She's at her most smiley on the changing table and while nursing (she likes to pop off and gaaaaze lovingly at me while smiling and cooing, dribbling milk all over my arm in the process), and Elizabeth and I were both excited to see that the two of them have a dimple on the same cheek. I see a little of each of the kids in her, and they love to see those similarities as well!

We're back on our homeschooling schedule, which means plenty of building with various objects while listening to me read aloud, a teeny bit of handwriting (copywork and dictation no longer receive any complaints when it's time!), and lots and lots of quiet reading time! 

I'm conflicted about how I feel about the warmer temperatures - I don't want them to mess with the trees and the plants, but it's nice to be able to get outside more! And with no coats or anything! There's lots of tree climbing, building with found objects, working in the garden... The other day I had Edith in the sling and found an old broomstick that I could use to make holes for the onion sets we had meant to plant in the fall, but neglected because I was just. so. pregnant. So I spaced them out, the kids all dropped them in, and we got three rows planted without me having to bend over at all! There were a few shriveled ones left that John Paul put in his pocket and never removed - we found them in the dryer a few days later. Apparently if you put onions through the wash and dryer, they emerge peeled but unscathed! The girls were all tickled by that fact, and luckily the clothes didn't end up smelling oniony.

Affiliate links here in case you're interested in what we're using in the above photos:

John Paul's reading this series, which is amazing and especially good for boys (great for girls too, but it's so hard to find good books with male protagonists) and playing with these magnet tiles.
Cecilia's reading this series, which is so nice for kids who loved the Little House books and want more in that style (follow the publisher on Twitter or sign up for their emails, because they have 40-50% off sales periodically throughout the year).
I'm using this sling for Edith, recommended by several friends, and she LOVES it and it's easier to put on and adjust than any carrier I've ever used - the convenience factor is so, so nice, plus it's prettier than my stretchy wrap!
And these garden row covers are really helpful for keeping the leaf mulch from blowing away and keeping chickens from scratching everything up!

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