Baby's First Ponytail, Narwhals, Famous Ediths, and Chickens {7 Quick Takes}

Friday, January 13, 2017


I couldn't help it.

I noticed that Edith's hair has been growing and I just *had* to try to put it in a little bitty fountain!

I couldn't keep it in for long because... Well, it looked terrible. 

Meanwhile, Mary Claire's hair at age 13 months... First pigtails!

And both twins at almost 1. 

Way to go, Edith! 


Speaking of Edith, obviously I need to take my own parenting advice. She's been sleeping HORRIBLY and refusing to be put down, so I chalked it all up to yet another rather difficult baby. But then, magically, today she didn't need to nurse all day long and actually let me put her down a few times! And even let me put her down this evening!!! 

Because duh. 6-week growth spurt, which I knew we were going through with the constant nursing. But I forgot that it's always followed by a day or two of more sleeping than usual. HALLELUJAH, because Andrew had rehearsal and I was not looking forward to trying to calm a fussy baby by myself for hours! 

She woke up immediately after I typed this. Should've known. Babies have a 6th sense about how you brag on the internet.


Peter is going on week 2? 3? of insisting we call him "Narwhal." Mostly we don't care, and forget about it until he angrily corrects us. Elizabeth apologetically corrects herself which is hilarious. "Peter! Oh, sorry, I mean Narwhal!"

But then we have conversational exchanges like this:

Peter, running from the bathroom: Zhoo messed. Up. Da toilet paper! 
Me: Peter, did you mess up the toilet paper? 
Peter: Zhore not Peter. 
Me, sighing: Then what am I supposed to call you? 
Peter: Narwhal. Narwhal, zhoo messed. UP. Da toilet paper! 
Me: Don't do that. 
Peter: NARWHAL, don't DO dat!

Or this:

Me: Hey there, cutie pie! 
Peter: Zhore NOT tutie pie! 
Me: What are you, then? 
Peter: NARWHAL!!!

Or this:

Aunt Sister: And what would you like to ask God for? God, please make me...?
Peter: A narwhal!
Aunt Sister: Okay. And God, please make me good?
Peter: Yes.
Aunt Sister: God, please make me obedient?
Peter: No.
Aunt Sister: ... God, please make me obedient?
Peter: No.

We'll see how long this stage lasts...


We didn't get as much done on the garden this fall as I would've liked, but there's plenty of garlic planted! And it's sprouting! 

Some of it is weeded and mulched with leaves and "put to bed" with row covers, but some of it is still just... weed-covered. Thank goodness weeding is my mom's favorite thing to do! 

Now is the time of year when we need to start planning the garden and ordering seeds - any plants/varieties in particular that you LOVE and recommend everybody get? I never would've planted hot peppers if Andrew hadn't picked up some seedlings, but they ended up being awesome for cooking so we'll definitely plant those again!


The chickens have a fenced yard, but they like to fly out and free range for most of the day. This hasn't been a problem except...

So long, Buff Orpington. Who knows what got it (fox? coyote? probably not a bear, but it's possible...), but it obviously ventured too far from the coop!

The rooster mostly likes to stay in the yard and, um, enjoy the hens? 

And the guineas and their friend who *thinks* she's a guinea all stick close together. They're all still laying, although egg production is definitely down. Once all the pullets start laying in the spring, we're going to be DROWNING in eggs. If you're local and want to buy any, please please let me know! These are happy birds, at least the ones who haven't been eaten are...


I admitted to having read a whole bunch of not-so-highbrow books in 2016, and when one reader asked me to share... Well, I got on goodreads and 'fessed up to reading a whole lot of YA fiction! I have the books I read with John Paul and Cecilia in the list also, and many of these books were books I read during my last trimester when I needed mindless stuff to read. But I enjoyed pretty much all of them, because my standards are low and I like fluff. Go peek, if you're interested! Or take a look at Cristina's list if you're hoping for more compelling recommendations...

I've gotten Surprised by Joy off the bookshelf in the hopes that I'll actually read it - a friend mentioned that Lewis said E. Nesbit (whose name is Edith, and who is wonderful) was one of his most influential childhood authors, and now I feel like I have to read this book, if only to find the quote! 

And speaking of Ediths, did you know that Tolkien's wife was named Edith? Obviously we picked a good name for a smart little girl who is obviously going to love good books.


Would you say a prayer for Sylvia and her family? Their baby Regina was born on December 28 with Downs Syndrome and a heart defect, and she's having trouble meeting her goals in the hospital. They really want to bring her home!

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