52/52: New Year's Toast

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

We made it! A full year of week-by-week photo documentation (mostly - some ended up not exactly aligning with the week when I posted them). The plan was to make photo books of all of these posts as Christmas presents but I haven't figured out how to make that work without a whoooole lot of effort on my part yet. It *has* been a good way to make sure I keep track of time passing, and a fun way to document things so that we can all look back on them. 

Blogging-wise, these have generally been my least popular posts. If my reason for blogging were to be popular, I'm sure I'd be disheartened and reconsider this series. But that's not the point, so I think I'll do it again this year, and maybe this year's series will make it into book form! If not, it'll at least be our "online baby book" because I'm a complete failure at doing hard copy baby books.

We rang in the new year with appetizers and sparkling apple cider in fancy cordial glasses that I admired at my grandmother's house as a child.

It was a big year, as every year with a new baby seems to be. But really, big things happen every year. We live in a season of perpetual milestones, it seems. Such is life with lots of young kids!

Elizabeth chose milk as her drink of choice, because she's the only one who *doesn't* enjoy sparkling apple cider. Nothing says "fancy toast" like milk, right?

Mary Claire spent the day in her jammies, since she'd been sick that morning. She was fully recovered by the evening, though, and ate plenty of pigs in a blanket (which, when you eat the "blanket" apparently just become naked pigs. Everybody thought that was VERY funny.).

And Peter didn't get a fancy glass, but he did get to drink "sparkly apple cider" and probably ended up with more than the rest of the kids, because his cup was a lot bigger.

Edith didn't get to enjoy a special toast, but she was plenty fancy on her own. Because when you're outgrowing your newborn clothes, Mom takes that as an invitation to try the baby doll princess dress on juuuuust one time.

Happy New Year! I'm not really a resolutions person, but I think another year of documenting these little bits of life is resolution enough.

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