Sourdough, Rainbow Eggs, Movies, and a Giveaway: Mid-Week Miscellany

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

After seeing my instagram feed filled with beautiful loaves of sourdough bread that apparently everyone bakes, I decided to give it a shot - at the very least, trying to make our own starter would be science, right?

Well, we've actually been having a lot of fun! We started by using the starter for a few "cheater" recipes that aren't real sourdough - oatmeal muffins (delicious, though we replaced the raisins with cinnamon chips), chocolate cake (also delicious - not too sweet, and not too crumbly either), and sandwich bread (we were not fans...). Then today I finally took the plunge and made "real" sourdough bread - there are about a million recipes out there on the internet, and I don't think I love the one I used (so fussy! So many steps! Does it have to be this way?), so I'll be trying another next time. Any suggestions?


Did I ever tell you I started an instagram for our farm/homestead/whatever we're calling this place? You should check it out if you're one who likes to live vicariously through our adventures!

Right now we're getting excited to see how it goes dying all these different colors of eggs - we've done natural and conventional dyes in the past, and Cecilia's convinced a lot of these don't need to be dyed at all because they're already so beautiful. She might be right!


Dying eggs makes me think about Easter baskets (affiliate links below!) - this year everyone's getting sun hats (these and these) and I've ordered some nice new crayons and colored pencils. Beyond that... I'm not sure! Maybe new watercolor paper and watercolors? I also just purged most of our coloring books, so maaaaybe a few new ones, but probably not. These eggs are super-fun and a big hit with everybody who comes to visit. What are you getting?


How amazing does this film look? The Zookeeper's Wife (click here for the trailer) comes out Friday, and follows the story of Antonina and Jan Żabiński, a Christian couple in Poland during World War II, who join the resistance and use the zoo as a refuge for Jews, saving hundreds during the war. 

I imagine we all have an amazing historic woman we look up to - St. Edith Stein, for whom our youngest is named, demonstrated great courage during WWII as well.

You can win a $25 Fandango gift card to go see the movie (and seriously, go watch the trailer, it looks awesome)! Just click the rafflecopter below for entry options. Thanks to Grace Hill Media for providing the giveaway prize!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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