Week by Week, 10/52: Roller Skates and Statues

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Edith woke up with some incredible bedhead that I had to document the other day - I still can't get over how much hair she has! Some mornings she wakes up to nurse and then falls back asleep, so I can leave her in bed and get breakfast for everyone (sometimes even for me, too!) before she needs me. It's glorious, but has never resulted in bedhead this fabulous before.

Cecilia is desperate for a pair of roller skates. I have a feeling real roller skates outdoors would just end with lots and lots of skinned knees. They have scooters and bikes - I don't think we need roller skates, too. She disagrees, so she took matters into her own hands. Rubber bands + the bottoms of duplo cars. They left a lot to be desired, I think, but it's a start. Of course, she had to put on six skirts (she counted) and an apron before she was ready to go. Traditional roller skating attire, right? She was much dismayed when I wouldn't let her try them out on the driveway.

And then everybody else had to try. At this point the game was banned and the duplos removed, lest they scratch up the floors. Years ago a younger Cecilia also made herself "glass slippers" out of duplos, rubber banding them to her feet and very carefully clomping around the house. I'm surprised it took her this long to invent roller skates, too...

On Sunday nights we set a "fancy" table for dinner (even if we're just having homemade pizza) - china for the adults, porcelain plates for the kids, and a real centerpiece (this week it was daffodils cut from the front beds in hopes of saving them before the snow hit). Apparently we also needed every. single. saint. statue. in the house on the table. Everyone was very excited to have his or her patron and a few special friends, as well. Cecilia's little handmade felt Carmelite even joined us! It was... Odd. And supremely Catholic, I suppose. How many other people do you think get to eat Sunday dinner with not one, but TWO St. Therese statues in front of her (one of which glows in the dark)?

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