Week by Week, 11/52: Snow Day

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

We had our first (and last) real snowfall of the winter last week, and it was amazing. Andrew got a snow day, so he was home to help suit the kids up in their gear and took them down the hill to the pond to build a little sled run. Edith was happy outside for approximately 30 seconds, so I mostly just stayed indoors and baked. Bread, bread, more bread, and shepherd's pie for dinner. 

We made molasses candy, a la Little House, which tasted just about as you'd expect. That is to say, not very good. But the kids like it, and it seems an appropriately Lenten treat because it tastes gross. I only yelled a little bit while we were making it, which I think makes me deserving of a medal.

Meanwhile, Cecilia took over the potato peeling for shepherd's pie while I prepared the molasses & brown sugar mixture. So much slower than when I peel them, but really it's good practice, right? An investment in my future sous chefs!

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