Week by Week, 13/52: Poetry, Breadcrumbs, and Paper Scraps

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

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In our house, if anyone happens to start reading something aloud, the troops immediately flock to that person. In this case, Cecilia was sweetly trying to teach Elizabeth some poems from one of the My Book House volumes (seriously, these books are amazing). Then John Paul went and made himself some tea, and both twins wanted some as well. Then everybody wanted some fresh bread with jam. And with them all at the table drinking tea and snacking and reading poetry, I decided to quit whatever it was I was doing and pause for a little poetry tea time.

Because when I try to plan these things, they mostly just don't happen. So never mind the table covered with breadcrumbs and paper scraps (the paper scraps! WHY are there always so many paper scraps?? If nothing else, homeschooling will teach all these children to be exceptional scissor-wielders, judging solely by all the paper scraps all over the house). We can make good things happen!

(Looking back at the pictures, there was also a jaw bone on the table that the kids found in the woods. You know you're winning at nature study when...)

Of course, Cecilia decided she was done reading the sweet little poems she had been reading, and John Paul charged in with his two favorite poems (from this gem of a book, which absolutely belongs in your home): The Charge of the Light Brigade and Chesterton's Lepanto. He's been doing dramatic recitations of these several times a week, and I'm sorry to say we've mostly tuned him out... They're just so long! Well, Lepanto is at least. But with repeated recitations comes more drama, and for some reason... A slight English accent? 

Vivat Hispania! 
Domino Gloria! 


“Forward, the Light Brigade! 
Charge for the guns!” he said. 
Into the valley of Death 
   Rode the six hundred. 


Oh my, the sweet booming high voice that dips down into the rumbling of a boy who needs his voice to be juuust a bit deeper to get the effect he wants? It's priceless. He plans on memorizing both poems and I'm absolutely getting video evidence.

The tea time was made possible by simultaneous naps from the younger two. It doesn't happen often, but when it does? Magic. 

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