Week by Week, 15/52: Tools, Tulips, and Fairies

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

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After spending most of a week helping Andrew build the chickens' new coop, John Paul has apparently decided he needs projects of his own to do - he's been sawing and drilling various pieces of scrap lumber, and everyone is fascinated by the process, despite the fact that they don't quite have the coordination to imitate him. He's been kneeling on the ground, sawing wood between two cinder blocks, and it looks so pitiful that I think we're going to need to find a space in one of the outbuildings to set up a little workshop for him!

We got a small greenhouse to go on the porch and the seedlings are already much happier than they were in the bathroom - even though there's plenty of light in there, they just weren't getting as much as they needed... The kids love it. Peter has been dragging chairs in there so that he can look at everything, and thankfully he's been very gentle and hasn't killed a single seedling, which is more than I can say for myself! 

Then, of course, the greenhouse became their real house, and Peter had a bed and Cecilia asked him if he wanted her to put him to bed. "Yes, and a story and a song and a pwayer!!!" So she told him a story, and prayed with him, and sang him a song, and then I asked him if he wanted her to put him down for his real nap later in the day.


Game changer.

So when nap time rolled around, I changed his diaper and she got him down without a problem! Sure, he didn't sleep, but I didn't have to put him down for a nap! It was the sweetest, sweetest thing, and I love how close they are right now.

I'm not sure what inspired it, but they started coloring hickory nuts and acorns for "the fairy easter egg hunt." The girls all like to pretend that fairies are real, and they'll make fairy houses and put out food for the fairies and the like. But Peter is so confused. He keeps asking me, "But where are da fairies? Where are dey? Mom, do you know???" No, Peter, I don't. The fairies are pretend. Even though their "easter eggs" are real...

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