Week by Week, 14/52: Violets, Bluets, and Elephant Rides

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

With the warmer temperatures of the spring comes the steady onslaught of wildflowers. It's nice to know this year what to expect, because last year was a year of continual discovery of the different wildflowers we have growing here. Right now we're in the period where violets (arrowleaf violets, which we'd never seen until we moved here, but the only difference is the shape of the leaves) and bluets are all over the place, so we pressed some violets and are intending to laminate some bookmarks with them but... Right now they're just sitting in a cup waiting for me to have a second free to get the laminator out!

We've moved the hens into a mobile coop, so now the eggs we're getting from them are much cleaner (many of them had a favorite nesting box that they liked to sleep, lay, AND poop in, so those eggs needed rather a lot of washing...) and I'm still so tickled by the rainbow hues! Not a necessary trait, but so delightful.

Edith is at that sweet stage where she's rolling and then mostly staying put, working hard at keeping her head up and looking at things from a new perspective. I tried to get some pictures, but then she rolled right back over! Then she had to spend some time with Andrew - I love how her little face lights up the moment she sees him, but I couldn't capture that either, because the moment I snuck behind Andrew to take a picture, she started looking at me.

Peter and Cecilia have a really sweet relationship right now - he's a very demanding 2-year-old who likes to be given a lot of attention (as opposed to all those undemanding 2-year-olds out there?), and she's been giving it to him! Elephant rides, stories, tickles... I think she's gunning for the position of "favorite sibling" and I'm pretty sure she's got it. We went outside the other day and he ran up to her, hugged her, and said, "Cecilia! You're niiiice!!!"

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