Pregnant Twins and How to Get Rid of Your Tummy {7 Quick Takes}

Friday, May 12, 2017

It's been ages since I last wrote Quick Takes, and the kids are magically playing nicely together upstairs... Let's see if this'll last! Edit: It lasted approximately 3 minutes after I started writing this. Of course!

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I told you ages ago that I was exercising for Lent - I've been slooooowly making my way through an exercise program and it's actually been amazing! I'll do a full review soon, I hope, but my Diastasis Recti is healed (those pesky separated abdominal muscles), I'm MUCH stronger (I can get into the giant van without having to grab the handles with both hands and heave myself in), and I have greatly increased energy levels, despite fairly terrible sleep from the baby.


Library fines. Do you pay them? Do you make your kids pay them? I've been paying ours, because 100% of the time the fault is mine (don't want to drag everyone to the library, forgot to renew books, couldn't renew books because too many fines have accrued...). But right now there's a missing book (from this series, which is really fun!) and that's NOT my fault! And I really want to read it! So we'll see how I deal with those fines whenever it's located... Off to clear our account of wrongdoing today!


But I'm renewing this gem of a book, and adding it to my wish list! And it convinced me that we need to make the switch to raw milk, whenever I actually get my act together and fill out the forms...


Oh gosh, these two recent conversations with the twins? Amazing.

Elizabeth: Look Mom, I just got married and this is my wedding dress!
Mary Claire, clutching two baby dolls to her chest, shirt pulled up: I'm nursing my babies!
Elizabeth: Can I nurse one of them?
Mary Claire, trying to pull her shirt over the babies: No, actually I'm pregnant...
Elizabeth: Can I be pregnant too? 
*Twins shove baby dolls under their shirts*
Elizabeth: Oh, I'm VERY pregnant... I think I'm going to have twins... Hey, want to see a baby being born?
Mary Claire: Sure! *Yanks baby out from under her shirt* My baby loves milk. And she'll always stay a baby. Because she's stuffed.

I can't even tell you how much I died during that conversation.

I walk downstairs to see Mary Claire and Elizabeth snuggling on the couch...

Elizabeth, smiling beatifically: Mom, we're talking about when we're grown-ups.
Me: Oh, what are your plans?
Mary Claire: My babies are going to be named Luke and Leia.
Elizabeth: And mine are too!
Mary Claire: No, yours are going to be Endor Luke and Endor Leia, mine are going to be regular Luke and Leia.

Well, it's a good thing they've got time to change their minds...


The period key fell off the computer a while ago and I can't get it to stay back on. That makes writing blog posts extra-fun.

The strawberry patch is producing decently well! The girls picked at least 2 quarts after dinner the other night, and asked me to make something delicious - I did scones for breakfast the next day, and while they were delicious, they reminded me that cooked strawberries aren't my favorite. And also that the girls need to work on not picking strawberries that aren't quite ripe... But we've still got a couple weeks left in the season - we'll improve!


Are you coming to the CWBN Mid-Atlantic Conference in August? Ana's hosting, so I'll definitely be there!

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