Week by Week, 19/52: Make the World More Beautiful

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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We were at the library the other day and I remembered just how much I love Barbara Cooney's illustrations, so we picked up just about every one of her books that we could find. My favorite is still Miss Rumphius, which my godmother (a children's librarian) gave to me as a girl. And I still even have the same copy! Note to self: Always buy hardbacks as gifts. They last WAY longer than paperbacks.

I was struck by the command that "You must do something to make the world more beautiful." It's something that we strive towards in our little corner of the country, that's for sure - I'm amazed that the kids are always transplanting bulbs they find, bringing in wildflowers to share, sketch, and use as centerpieces (but only if they know there are plenty more of them outdoors), saving seeds to scatter... I suppose it has to be due to their upbringing, but I can't remember ever specifically stating that these things are important; these are just things that we do.

We got out a seed packet and planted some lupines along the front walk. I don't think a day goes by when we don't plant something these days! Peter and I were on the porch the next day and he said, "Hey! Let's plant some seeds!"

"No Peter, we're not planting anything right now."

"Hey! Let's go pick wed wipe stwawbewwies!"

So I had Grandma take him to plant some seeds (of which there's no shortage, believe me!) because the strawberry supply had been exhausted for the day.

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