4/52/2018: King Cakes and Wagon Rides

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Cecilia turned 7 on Sunday and decided she wanted a King Cake for her birthday cake. Conveniently, the recipe made two cakes! One for the freezer to pull out on Mardi Gras, one to demolish on her birthday. The recipe turned out fine, but nothing worth sharing (basically a giant cinnamon roll). She was VERY pleased to get to help decorate it with homemade colored sugar, which only looked a little sad, right?

Meanwhile I took maybe my favorite picture EVER, that one of Peter and Edith riding in the wagon. He's got a very proud, protective big brother smile on behind her wild pigtails. That's the face she puts on when she sees the camera, which I think is part of her ploy to convince everyone that she's FAR more pleasant than she really is! 

The chickens (goodness there are a lot of them. I don't even know how many...) are greatly enjoying their new digs, and I'm hoping that they're working hard to make the soil a little better for planting come spring. I've got my online shopping cart full of new seeds to get started soon, and everyone's excited for the upstairs bathroom to be our makeshift greenhouse for months! 

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