7/52/2018: Ash Wednesday

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The kids like to see the pictures I take of them immediately afterwards, and I'll state for the record that they ALL (except Edith) approved of my posting these. What can I say? Catholics be proud of them ashes.

We woke everybody up early to head to the 7am Mass and had really miraculous behavior, no yelling, nothing more than Andrew needing to take Edith to the back so she could crawl around.

We *did* learn that when everybody gets ashes at the altar rail, there's no way to keep them from immediately turning to check out each other's ash, whispering and giggling in the process. Father thought it was funny, at least!

We got home and everyone got to work on valentines... I wish I knew where I had put Cecilia's, she made me a black heart with a ghost on it, and "HAPPY VALINTINE'S DAY!" on the back. It was amazing. The twins were relieved to find out they could still use colored paper for their valentines, even though it was Ash Wednesday.

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