5/52/2018: Candlemas and Feathers

Thursday, February 8, 2018

I don't know WHY I didn't take any pictures last week - I really can't remember what we had going on! Apparently not much? I think there was probably just a lot of insanity happening, which rarely inspires me to pick up the camera. Christmas decorations were still up and the house was trashed, which was stressing me out. Things are MUCH better and cleaner now!

Edith found some discarded feathers from Cecilia's birthday craft and Cecilia says she was begging for them in her hair. So she indulged her. But I couldn't get a good picture because she insisted on being held, so 8-year-old photography it was! Then the next day Peter was lying on the couch and Edith was hugging him SO SWEETLY every time he asked, but I knew I couldn't get up to take a picture... I asked John Paul to grab the camera, which resulted in two blurry shots before the game was over. It was amazing, though, you'll just have to imagine it!

On Candlemas Andrew was out late singing, so I grumpily tried to figure out what to do about dinner when I saw a friend had the BRILLIANT suggestion to just eat dinner by candlelight and arrange some boxwood cuttings (Candlemas Greens! It's a thing!) as a centerpiece. Done and done! That's the kind of lazy liturgical living I can handle!

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