17/52: Spring Blooms

Thursday, May 3, 2018


Hooray, it's finally spring! The apple blossoms are showing off, the cherry blossoms are glorious, the peach trees have little baby peaches starting to form, and the strawberries are starting to form their little fruits, too!

Everybody decided they wanted to eat lunch outside, which lasted approximately five minutes before they decided it was "too windy" and then retreated indoors. Now this week it's apparently too hot already. It takes a little while to get used to the new heat, but we'll be reveling in it soon. I do wish we had gotten a few mild days while the fruit trees were in full bloom for them to get to lie under them with petals raining down on their faces but... There's only so magical a childhood really needs to be, right?

The girls and Peter have been keeping me supplied with a steady stream of bouquets on the dining room table. My favorite is the one at the top - bluets, violets, buttercups, and ground ivy. How sweet is that? Right now we've got lilacs, azaleas, apple blossoms, cherry blossoms, and buttercups on the table. I love that we'll have centerpieces from our yard until October or November!

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