20/52: Garden Helpers

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

We're starting to get into the busy part of the garden season - lots of things are planted, but there's still lots of planting & weeding to do, plus harvesting too! Did I tell you? We're running a small CSA this year with some families from our parish! I think it's going to be a good experience for all of us, but it definitely puts a little more pressure on. The kids are *ecstatic* to be able to share the food from the garden with their friends, and they're not even complaining that they don't get to eat all the strawberries themselves!

Edith follows me around (okay, mostly she demands to be carried) and eats various herbs & greens from the garden. The strawberries have *finally* started ripening, so we're picking the spoiled ones (a week of nonstop rain will do that to you) to feed to the chickens and she's begging for "Mo! Saw-bee! Pick! Eat! Yummy!!!" Of course we're all pushovers, so she's probably eaten more than the rest of the family combined.

We had our first CSA pickup on Saturday - I was frustrated that the strawberries & sugar snap peas weren't ready (two extra weeks of cold weather threw everything off) so everyone got a sourdough baguette in their bag, along with tons of lettuce, some kale, herbs galore, and lamb's quarters (which, okay, are weeds, but they taste like spinach and are INCREDIBLY good for you! We made pesto out of ours and it was so yummy!). The kids were all *so* excited to bundle the herbs for me and pack the bags. Like, legitimately helpful! We've turned a corner, I hope.

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