31/52: Elderberries and Soccer

Monday, August 6, 2018

The other day Elizabeth came RUNNING inside, breathless with excitement. "The elderberries are ripe! The elderberries are ripe!!! Can we pick them and you can make elderberry syrup???"

i went out to check (because their idea of "ripe" is not always the same as my idea) and saw that some were, indeed, ripe. And they'd been eating them liberally (despite not really liking the flavor, and despite the fact that they're not really good for you raw...), but showed me how they'd saved some!

(Also, I really wish I had gotten a clear picture of Edith on that bike, it was ADORABLE but she wanted to get off as soon as she saw me coming)

Most of the berries still aren't actually ripe though, so we'll wait a while before picking a ton. Maybe we have enough for a small batch of syrup this year? And of course everybody will remember that they don't like elderberry syrup... Always worthwhile.

Peter was very pleased to find John Paul's old soccer kit in his drawer. "Dis is my soccer outfit!" and he went and insisted on playing soccer with Andrew after dinner. What he lacks in skill, he makes up for in enthusiasm! He was very eager to show me his "spin around" trick, which consists of kicking the soccer ball as hard as he can, then running and intentionally tripping over it, falling down and doing a "spin." It sure was... something!

Our compost pumpkins are doing AMAZINGLY well and the kids are excited to pick them! Still not quite ready, but they go check nearly every day to see if maybe now they can pick them. And do what with them? I'm not really sure... Nobody here actually likes eating pumpkin!


  1. Wow! Look at the corn and squash plants!

    1. The corn is *almost* ready to start harvesting and we're excited!

  2. I like the random "watch this" moments as a mom. Lately around here, I've been watching a lot of hopping on one foot. It's amazing.

    1. I've been watching a lot of failed somersaults lately... They're very determined, but not determined enough to learn how to do one properly!


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