33/52: The Burlap Sack Restaurant

Friday, August 24, 2018


The last week before school was filled with lots of school-ish activities, just in pajamas instead of actual clothes... Sunday before Mass I couldn't find any of the kids, only to have them come inside to tell me all about their new restaurant! It's called The Burlap Sack Restaurant, which sounds very hipster to me. I was offered wood sorrel and dandelion salad, and also wood sorrel and dandelion tacos. The pinnacle of culinary achievement, right there. These kids never seem to get tired of foraging!

(Their favorite herbed goat cheese might make its way onto the menu, if they can keep from eating it themselves! I started making it in the hopes that it would be something they didn't like, and thus left alone. Turns out they're all obsessed, so now we go through more goat cheese than ever. Thank goodness for Costco prices?)

Peter desperately needed a picture taken of him holding his herb salad while wearing his fabulous plaid blazer. He was pretty upset that he didn't have an entire plaid outfit... He told me it would look MUCH better if he were wearing ALL plaid all over. I assured him that just a plaid blazer would be quite fine, but I'm not certain he really believed me...


  1. Peter is pretty darned adorable! But you knew that.

  2. Are you making cheese from your own goats milk? That would be awesome!

    1. I wish! No, we haven't bred her yet, just buying large quantities of goat cheese from Costco :)

  3. What’s the herb goat cheese recipe? I think I need this in my life!! Lol

  4. I was just sharing my method with a friend! So basically... There are no rules, and it always ends up delicious ;)

    I'll usually mince a clove of garlic and then sprinkle salt on it and mash it on the cutting board with a knife (unless you have a mortar & pestle), then throw whatever herbs on top (lately: parsley, chives, basil) and keep mincing. Mix with a Costco-sized log of goat cheese & serve. I just saw a similar recipe that mixes in some milk to make it more spreadable so I'm going to try that next time, it ends up pretty crumbly which we don't mind, but a smoother texture wouldn't be bad!


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