30/52: Fort Ticonderoga and Tomatoes

Thursday, August 2, 2018

We got a parachute for the kids to play with during John Paul's birthday party, and we've quickly found out what a good purchase that was! Not only is it useful for regular parachute-y things, but it also works perfectly as a cover for the climbing dome. Cecilia re-tied the fabric scrap they'd been using as a swing, and now it's their "hammock" and when the parachute is over it, they've got a fort set up. Fort Ticonderoga, to be exact. Later they developed a whole armory's worth of weapons based on sticks and grasses, as well as various "poisons" made out of who-knows-what.

I was feeling not-terrible last week, so we dispatched maybe half a bushel of roma tomatoes and made sauce. I wanted to do it all myself, but then the kids were so incredibly eager to help that I ended up being able to outsource the peeling + seeding to them. And they didn't make a terrible mess! Edith was not quite as much of a help as the others...

Here's an affiliate link for the climbing dome! The primary color version is super-cheap right now 😊


  1. Please give the details on your climbing dome again. I've been looking for your old post on it and can't find it. Has it gotten rusty at all being outside? Thanks!

    1. I'll add a link! Zero rust, and things that are going to rust do so quickly here!!

  2. Those were the best days in elementary school gym when you entered the gymnasium and saw the multi-colored parachute. I would have died having one of those at home as a kid! Good buy.


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