2/52: Pigtails and Moss Poultices

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Guys, Edith has SO MUCH HAIR. Like, long luscious locks almost halfway down her back (okay she's very short so I suppose that's not saying much) and she's finally FINALLY letting me do a little more than just stick a bow in it. It's such a great milestone when they have enough patience for pigtails! Even if she won't cooperate to let me document it...

Am I correct in saying that John Paul and Cecilia look altogether TOO OLD in those pictures? Cecilia turns 8 at the end of the month and John Paul's coming up on 10... How did we get to this point???

Outside time has been amazing this winter. The kids are disappearing into the woods for hours at a time, coming back excited about their discoveries and the new paths they've forged through the woods. They've been trying out different herbal remedies too, as evidenced by Cecilia's "moss poultice" in that one photo. I did NOT laugh, even though it took just about everything in me. She's convinced it worked and healed her hurting ankle. Maybe... She also made a moss "bandage" for a cut on Mary Claire's hand, which kept Mary Claire from screaming until she got back to the house for a real bandaid (it was, of course, a very very small cut). Honestly, anything that keeps Mary Claire from screaming is probably worth its weight in gold, so maybe there's something to this moss thing?

I'm 35 weeks (yesterday) and feeling rather large and in charge, as evidenced by the fact that I can't actually cook properly without standing on a stool because my belly runs into the counter. The other day a third knob on our cooktop broke, which was actually not terrible timing because Andrew got a new cooktop for me for Christmas! Now we just need to get it installed... I'm very much looking forward to actually being able to fit multiple pots on it at once, and maybe having enough power that it doesn't take forever to boil a pot of water?


  1. That is a great photo of John Paul and Cecilia! You and your baby bump are looking rather radiant as well. And hooray for useful presents!

    1. I almost deleted it because he's got a kind of doofy look on his face, but then I decided it was SUCH a glimpse into the future that I had to keep it!

  2. the moss poultice is AWESOME!! Its so fun when the kids can entertain themselves and care for their own wounds!
    You look fabulous for 35 weeks!!! I keep hearing from what I'm sure are well meaning strangers that "you must be due any day now..." to which I smile and say not for 4 more weeks. ahh the life of a pregnant momma....


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