4/52: Best Friends

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Peter and Edith are developing the absolute sweetest relationship, and I love watching it! Part of it developed because they shared a room for so long, waking up together and being silly before coming to our room to demand breakfast. But I think they also just have very complementary personalities - Peter's going to dote on anyone smaller than he is, and Edith is SO MUCH SMALLER than he is, so when she gets a tad tyrannical, he happily bows to her whims and they're generally both much happier for it!

These days they're spending a lot of time doing puzzles together or playing with trains, Peter providing the brains, Edith handing him different pieces. "Here you go, Peter!" "Thank you! Now you say 'You're welcome.'" "You wel-tum!" And over and over, the exact same exchange. It's amazing.

She'll just walk up to him and hug him over and over again, kissing him on various parts of his face and giggling wildly before doing it again. It'll be interesting to see how this particular relationship changes over time, but for now I'm really enjoying watching how they love on each other!


  1. It is so fun to see when brothers and sisters have special bonds! And the more kids we have the more opportunities for special relationship between them. My 2 current youngest are like that too, it won't be long though and the rough and tumble little brother will dominate his sister.
    Hope you're doing well in your final weeks with #7!!!

    1. Home stretch, Amy! I hope you're doing well, too :)


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