Stitch Fix Kids Review: Cecilia's Birthday Fix {7QT}

Friday, February 1, 2019

Cecilia just turned 8 and didn't ask for a ton for her birthday, since Christmas just passed and she mostly just wanted art supplies. So I thought it would be a fun surprise to order a Stitch Fix Kids box and let her give that a spin. She was SO excited to try on all the items from her fix! Here's a full reveal, if you're curious. And if you'd like to try it for one of your kids (or for you, or for your husband...), you can use my referral link and get $25 credit, which more than covers the styling fee!

A kids' fix will generally have 8-12 items, and the price point is lower than adult fixes, starting at $10. I selected the lowest price range for all the categories I requested for Cecilia, and I generally thought that the items were priced fairly for the quality.

Outfit 1: Persaya Girl Jessa Babydoll Drop Waist Dress ($24)

Cecilia gasped when she pulled this out of the box, she was so in love with everything about it - the cut, the fabric, the print, everything. It definitely runs large and will fit her for quite a long time, and this was one of the two pieces she chose to keep. I think she's going to get a ton of use out of it!

Report Footwear Kenner Ankle Bootie ($38) - Cecilia didn't really need shoes but she's been begging for another pair of moccasins since she outgrew her old ones. I mentioned that to her stylist, but they didn't have any. She liked these, but not enough to keep them, particularly for that price.


Then her adoring audience insisted on their own picture... Edith's outfit cracks me up!

Outfit 2: Habitual Coraline Long Sleeve Ruffle Detail Top ($20) and MOON & STARS Meaghan Legging ($12)

These leggings were a super-cute print and really soft, but practical Cecilia said, "Well, I already have two pairs of patterned leggings that are also really soft, so I don't think I need to keep these."

She agreed that the top was weird. Really weird. So that was a no for both. 

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Outfit 3: Members Only Kamilla Bomber Jacket ($34, in chambray here for $24)

She liked this, but already has plenty of jackets. She was a big fan of all the pockets, though!

Outfit 4: Paisley Sky Girls Cynthia Waffle Henley Top ($16)

This one was weirdly baggy and also had issues with threads coming loose all over the raw seams. Nope!


Outfit 5: Persaya Girl Aubrey Crochet Detail Top ($16) and Celebrity Pink Sky Ankle Skinny Jean ($24)

Oh this top is SO her style. She loved it and immediately set it aside as a "maybe" and ended up keeping it. It's nice to have something with a little bit of detail when she really gravitates toward veeeeery basic clothes.

The jeans fit perfectly, but ever the practical daughter, she immediately said, "I already have enough pairs of jeans, so I don't need another pair." God bless you, sweet girl!

Outfit 6: RUMI + RYDER The Cross Back Swing Top ($16)

This was a really sturdy fabric and I was surprised she didn't go for it, but I think it just wasn't quite interesting enough for her. (Also, can we appreciate how she accessorizes? Three bracelets, a watch, and a hand covered with marker drawings...)


Outfit 7: Tailor Vintage Lauryn Flutter Sleeve Top ($16)

She loved this right out of the box, but after trying it on she wasn't into the feel or the fit. I'm glad, because it really didn't look good on her!  

Ultimately Cecilia ended up keeping one dress and one shirt, for a total of $40. If she had kept everything from her box, she would have gotten 25% off, which would have cost $162 for 10 items, not a bad average considering several items were more than $20 on their own. But she definitely didn't want (or need!) all 10!

The other kids are very eager to try this on their own, so we might give it a try for upcoming birthdays if they remember. We'll see! You can add multiple kids' profiles to your Stitch Fix account, so you don't have to make new accounts for each child if you're trying out the service. If you're interested in trying it out, you can get $25 credit if you use my referral link!

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  1. I like that black and white shirt too! And what is it with ruffled sleeves being so popular right now? I don't like those ones so I would have nixed them also.
    I would love to possibly try it with my girl and she'll be 8 in July. So I may do this.
    Also, I totally love the blue jacket and would want one in my size! lol.

    1. Ugh I don't understand the weird ruffled sleeves! If you're older than age 4, they're going to look weird!

  2. What a great idea for bdays!
    Happy bday Cecilia!

    1. John Paul is adamant that he needs to try it for his birthday now!

  3. We love the Moon & Stars leggings! Have 4 pairs of them now!


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