13/52: Spring Signs

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Spring is really, really, finally here! The forsythia bushes are in full bloom, daffodils are everywhere, and the house is littered with wildflower bouquets. Goodness what a burst of happiness this brings to us all!

The lilac bush that we hard-pruned two years ago is looking incredibly healthy and has TONS of buds on it, so I'm praying that we don't have a late frost that kills those blooms like last year... Our largest lilac was fried by last summer's heat wave but isn't entirely dead, so much of it has been cut down and hopefully it will be much healthier now! Sadly, the one mature peach tree we have seems to be succumbing to a disease and is mostly dead. But the peach and nectarine trees we planted in the fall of 2015 are looking incredibly healthy, so maybe this is the year we'll finally get fruit from them!

The chickens are laying far more eggs then we can ever hope to consume, so we're working on getting our regular egg customers back, but some eggs have been so huge they don't even fit in the cartons!

I'm hopeful that the warmer weather will keep Lucy happy—she's rather a fussy, particular little thing, and generally is only happy while nursing or being held by Dad (but only if he stands up and keeps moving constantly). It's not my favorite stage, and I admit to being rather envious of parents who have babies who allow themselves to be put down. We've had a couple like that, but mostly our babies have a tendency to be fussy and high maintenance. I suppose I should stop hoping and praying for an easy baby and just assume that every baby we have is going to be another fussy one.


  1. I'm due in August with #3 and wondering what kind of baby I'm going to get from the baby lottery. So sorry it's hard right now. Just because they're worth it doesn't make it not hard!! I guess the souls in purgatory are asking you for lots of help!!

    1. I've definitely been offering it up! Especially for friends struggling with infertility & pregnancy loss <3


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