15/52: Siblings and Four Square

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Last week was National (International? I don't know...) Siblings Day, and since I managed to get a picture last year, I had to try to get one this year! Even though the kids were in the middle of eating frozen blueberries and had stained lips, I figured an imperfect picture was better than no picture at all! God bless them, they very sweetly obliged, although they each insisted on taking a turn holding Lucy for more pictures and I quickly nipped that in the bud because it takes a LONG TIME to let 6 kids hold the baby and have a picture... Edith didn't understand why nobody trusted her enough to hold the baby on her own!

During outside time last week I grabbed a piece of chalk and a ball and attempted to teach the kids how to play Four Square. They aren't the most athletic bunch, so we modified it to allow for catching the ball in between bounces, and even then they weren't very good! We'll see if they ever try to play again, but trying to teach them gave me a lot of appreciation for all the gym teachers out there in the world, and made me understand why they always seemed to like the athletic kids better... Because it's a lot more fun to teach a kid who actually understands how to play a new game and does it well!

Edith watched from her perch on the old brick grill, and we realized an hour later that she was getting a wicked sunburn, poor thing... It always happens to everyone when spring begins, but this was a lot worse than usual because she was so very happy to just sit in a spot of sunlight for SO long during peak hours. Eventually we enticed her into the shade, but she was NOT happy to have to leave her beloved perch.

Oh and look! I got pictures of Lucy like I promised! She's growing like a champ, and it'll be interesting to see if she eventually ends up bigger than Edith, considering how big her feet and hands are... Still not even 10 lbs, but looking back I saw that Edith at 4 months was only 11.25 pounds, so small babies aren't exactly a new development for us. But I weighed her this morning and at 8 weeks she's up to 9 lbs 11 oz, so I suppose we're really out of the woods but it's still fun to track how she's gaining!

PS if you're still looking for an Easter outfit for yourself or for Easter books or basket fillers, I've got a lot of our favorites in these lists!


  1. I laugh at your 9lb 11oz baby. Bennett was 9lb 9oz at birth and no, we weren't expecting him to be quite that big. He's a cuddler though, and built like a kettlebell. And poor Edith! Get that girl some aloe vera and a hug from her godmother.

    1. Ha, I know!! She's so tiny, I love it! But I definitely know multiple people who have had newborns larger than she is now ;)

      And yes, we've been slathering Edith with aloe! Thankfully she loves it, so it's a very pleasant process :)


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