30/52: Lemonade Farm Stand

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The kids have been begging for years to be able to do their own lemonade stand, and I finally let them go for it last week. They were ecstatic!! It was rather a lot of work on my part though, and I think if we do another one it'll be on a Saturday so that Andrew's around as well.

We ended up making it a combination lemonade stand/farm stand, with eggs and tomatoes available for sale as well. They made rice krispies treats (with my supervision, but mostly on their own) and sold those alongside the lemonade and limeade. I think that even with the large tips some customers left, they were still their own best customers... I let them each have a cup of lemonade to start off the day, which apparently gave them quite the appetite and several of them spent ALL their money on lemonade and rice krispies treats.

They concluded at the end of the day that they really should have made better/larger/clearer signs, and that afternoon is a much more successful time than morning/lunchtime. All in all, they made $6/kid (with Edith getting the remaining 8 cents, for which she was incredibly grateful!), which several of them promptly spent on donuts and slushies at the orchard we went to later in the week. Money management is perhaps not their strong suit, but we'll get there!


  1. that is so fun...!! what a great momma you are, kid projects can end up being an awful lot of work for us. so kudos to you!!!

  2. Everything looks so good! The tomatoes look awesome! Your kids are so darn cute and industrious too!

    1. Once they started getting customers they got much more industrious!


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