48/52: Lucy at the Piano & Thanksgiving

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Andrew realized just how much Lucy loves the piano, and sat down with her while she was still in her Mass dress on Sunday... He hates having pictures taken of him but it was too adorable for me to resist! "WHEN YOU DIE WE WILL HAVE NO PICTURES OF YOU!" I yelled. And he relented. I should use that in-focus profile of hers to attempt one of those silhouette cuttings. That hair! It would be impossible! I adore her curls but I look forward to them being just a little longer so they aren't quite so wild and unruly. So unkempt! Bless her, she's adorable anyway, but always looks a mess.

We had aaaaaall the immediate relatives for Thanksgiving, and it was lovely! The food was delicious, the kids cooperated and mostly didn't cry, and we even got a picture of Grandma with all her grandkids! This was number I-don't-even-know in the series, many of which were marred by children looking backwards, somebody mid-sneeze, hoods in the way of faces... And it was cold! So not the most perfect picture, but with 10 kids 10-and-under, there's only so much you can ask for. Still a much better picture than we would have gotten inside with the terrible dark lighting.


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