51/52: Baby Fountains and Gap-Toothed Grins

Monday, December 30, 2019

I am so proud of myself because THIS IS THE YEAR I will manage to get all of my 52 project posts published in the actual year they were meant for! Well, assuming that baby noise I hear upstairs is actually Lucy putting herself back to sleep... Perhaps I typed to soon. Let's try again in a few minutes.

2019 is not, it would seem, The Year of Baby Sleep for us. But perhaps 2020 will be? It can't get any worse, after all (she says, knowing full well that it CAN get worse).

In any case, Lucy is tremendously adorable, still. Her hair is getting longer and even more unruly, so I'm trying to tame it in various ways and a fountain just looks silly, but a bonnet (pictures in the next post) might be a better option. The fountain is so adorable though! Mostly I think she will just look generally disheveled and that's okay.

The middle kids have been hard at work building large Duplo structures on the floor and then screaming at Lucy, who crawls towards them with reckless abandon, intent on destruction. You'd think by now they would realize that the baby is definitely, definitely going to wreck anything on the floor but she's just so FAST and quiet and they're not used to it quite yet. They asked me to take a picture of "block land" before they hid every large piece and left nothing but a few duplo people for Lucy to play with. They were especially proud of the duplo Christmas tree and duplo Advent wreath. It cracked me up because they made the Christmas tree first and then talked about how they would decorate their skyscraper for Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, and Easter... "But what about ADVENT???" asked Peter, in a panicked voice. Problem solved: Duplo Advent Wreath!

Elizabeth finally lost one of her top teeth after many weeks of wiggling... Then not long after, Mary Claire yanked one of hers out. I had to get a picture of her hilarious snaggle tooth before she lost that one, and she yanked it out a few days later so now I really need to get a good picture of her adorable toothless grin before the top teeth grow in!

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