1/52: Bonnets, Gingerbread, and Birthday Cake

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Well, looks like we made it to a new year! And yet again, I'm going to do the 52 project, because it's the one way to ensure I keep taking pictures and keep blogging. I need help keeping things consistent, and I do love having these posts to look back on. Hopefully you enjoy following along as well!

I ordered Lucy a lace bonnet (this one, and that's an affiliate link!) for Christmas, since her hair had been particularly unruly and in need of some serious taming. It arrived and was even more adorable than I could possibly have expected. So of course I needed to do a little photo shoot with her wearing it! We got home from Mass on January 1 and she was still in her little Christmas dress with her bonnet on (after having removed it at least once at Mass but we're working on it), so I plopped her in front of the Christmas tree and grabbed the camera... Only to have her crawl towards me immediately. I handed her one of Edith's gardening tools, at which point Edith insisted SHE needed to be in the picture, as well. So, no frameable photo of Lucy alone in front of the tree posing like a little doll, but some pretty adorable pictures of the two of them doing what they do best!

Andrew turned 35 and his new firm's website was officially unveiled (in case you need a lawyer in Virginia or West Virginia). I asked him what type of cake he wanted and he reminded me that I never make him a birthday cake... I felt terrible! Is that true? It may well be, since we're usually so tired of extra desserts by January 2 that... we just eat whatever there is? Or maybe I've made brownies? In any case, he seemed a little melancholic about the whole thing, so I decided to bake him a cake!

Only... I didn't realize I was entirely out of sugar, after all my Christmas baking... So I pulled out my emergency box of brownie mix, added an extra egg in an attempt to make "cake-y" brownies, whipped up some homemade buttercream, and made him quite a chocolatey cake! Thank goodness we had vanilla ice cream to go with it, it was a little much. Next year I'll have to plan better!

The twelve days of Christmas were nearing an end and we still hadn't eaten the gingerbread house... So I sent the kids outside for "gingerbread day," which is the day when I let them smash and eat all of the gingerbread house they can possibly manage, and then they throw the rest to the chickens. This prevents the house from getting picked at throughout the week/month/however long we let it sit. And it eliminates any nasty stale gingerbread from sitting around languishing in a place of honor. Nope, it stays beautiful for as long as we'd like, and then it all gets eaten in one last sugary hurrah, at which point everybody remembers that they don't actually like gingerbread. Then the chickens feast, and I no longer have to cede any space to the icing-laden monstrosity!


  1. "Emergency box of brownie mix" and "icing-laden monstrosity" are two of the best phrases ever!

    1. Every household needs an emergency box of brownie mix!

  2. Gosh your children are precious! You capture amazing photos. Haha you could easily crop Edith out of a picture or two to make Lucy appear to be alone 😬
    I need to learn from you and have an emergency box of brownie mix on hand. So many good and experienced “mom-ing” tips I pick up on your blog!

    1. That's true, I totally could!

      And the emergency brownie mix is so key - I'm terrible about planning feast day desserts in advance, but we can always have brownies in a pinch!!

  3. I only started veiling in the last year, and my oldest girl started when she received her First Communion in Oct, and now of course the 6 and 2 year old girls want to follow suit.

    I’ve been tying a triangle one on the toddler bit this lace bonnet looks a lot more practical for this age!


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