13/52: Crafts and Crutches

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Don't worry, nobody is injured! The kids have been completely immersed in The Wingfeather Saga (affiliate link!), and one of the main characters walks using a crutch, so the twins have been inventing various injuries that require THEM to use a crutch or two. They think it's fun? It certainly keeps them busy! Apparently John Paul is Janner, Cecilia is Leeli (who actually uses a crutch), there is no Tink because Peter isn't old enough to be him, the twins are Thwaps (garden pests), Edith is a baby Thwap, and Peter is Podo (the grandfather). Yes, Peter is old enough to be the grandfather, but not the middle brother. Don't ask me.

They also invented a game that involves piling up as many bricks and cinderblocks as possible and then whacking them with a stick into something falls down. I think we might need to buy a tee ball set, or teach them how to play baseball, because this? It's pitiful.

We are trying out a kindergarten curriculum for Peter because I have to review it. While I don't love "doing kindergarten" in general, and would rather just let kids play, Peter LOVES it and it is really well done. But there's a LOT of it. So I'm farming it out to my helpers, and Cecilia has decided she's in charge of crafts (GO FOR IT, GIRL!!!!!). She helped everyone make a rainbow craft one day, and the next day Edith asked to do a craft but couldn't tell me what she wanted to do... So I searched Instagram for #preschoolcrafts and found a paper plate bunny that looked easy to make - Cecilia to the rescue, again! I showed her the picture, she got all the supplies, cut everything, and helped Edith glue it all.

She confided in me that "Edith didn't really make the craft, I actually did most of it..." Edith is pretty pleased with the result. And the twins and Peter ended up making their own too (I helped Peter, and it was NOT as pretty as the one Cecilia made for Edith). Now the bunnies live in the kids' bedrooms and go on Easter egg hunts for the little paper Easter eggs they've made. It's very involved. I didn't expect that much from one craft!


  1. Old enough to be the grandfather 😂😂😂

    1. Maybe because "Podo" sounds like "Peter"? This is the child who first called himself "Poodoo," after all.

    2. He's a very mature 5, after all...


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