16/52: Playing Mass, Helping in the Kitchen, and Oldest+Youngest

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Would you believe I didn't take a single Easter egg hunt picture all of the Easter octave?? Well, we had a lot. We ran out of steam by Sunday so I guess it was only 7 egg hunts, total, but that's not too shabby. The kids just get snack foods in their eggs and ONE piece of candy, so despite the bean jar becoming the jelly bean jar of bribery, we didn't actually have any sugar-induced meltdowns (in fact, the bean jar becoming the bribery jar seems to nip those in the bud, because they are SO OBSESSED with doing kind things until the jelly beans are gone!).

A friend dropped by some accessories to go with Edith's Peg Doll Church (you must check out her shop because it is the absolute sweetest!! And that's an affiliate link!) and all the kids have been setting up sweet little Mass and Adoration vignettes. All the more heartbreaking because we can't go to church!! Well, I think technically we are allowed in the building, but only 10 people are allowed at a time and considering we would have 8 if I just take the kids by myself... I think it's probably not a good idea. So for now we just practice our Mass behavior and talk lots about the Eucharist! After Mass, the peg doll family went home to eat dinner, and the priest and the altar boy just... Stayed at the altar? I wonder if that's what she thinks happens, if they just stay in the sanctuary in perpetuity...

I made croissants as an Easter Octave treat and they were delicious and buttery, but not sufficiently flakey. My fault? The recipe? I'm not sure... But considering they used an entire pound of butter, I'm not sure I'll be making them frequently.

The lilacs are on their way out! It was a glorious spring for lilacs, and I cut so many to bring inside that I'm hoping that suffices for pruning and we end up with good blooms next year, too? We'll see. Meanwhile there are buds on the clematis and the roses, and there will be TONS of irises. I do love spring!

John Paul specifically requested a picture of "oldest with youngest" and I had to oblige. He brings her into our room every morning when she wakes up, and he's so CHEERFUL about it, which is incredible considering how much he loves to sleep. They've developed a really special relationship, and she is always crawling over to give him great big slobbery open-mouth kisses on his cheek, which he treasures greatly because he's the only one she graces with those! Meanwhile, Lucy is walking better and better every day but she still likes to hide her talents from us... Every day Andrew comes home and I try to show him how much steadier she is, and she immediately says, "NO!" and crawls to him. She won't be able to fool anyone for much longer. though.

Everybody wants to help me in the kitchen ALL the time. It is frustrating to have to cede control and deal with the inevitable resulting messes, but they're getting older and better at cleaning up their own messes, so eventually this really will pay off. Actually, the other day they made bagels almost entirely on their own, and Cecilia helped me quite a bit with the buns for our meatball subs. Edith "helped" as well, and her helping is just as helpful as it ever is from 3-year-olds, but we'll get there.


  1. I love it when my kids "play church!" They set up the piano bench and prop up a ladle to use as a microphone, and then take turns "giving talks" and "singing hymns." The best part is, they sit and listen to each others' nonsense talks WAY more reverently than they do to the real talks in church!

    1. Love it! Bless their sweet eager hearts :)


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