19/52: Archery, Irises, and Bridges

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The light was so beautiful I had to go outside to take pictures, but it seemed everybody was insistent on continuing their game of "construct a long rickety bridge, insist on crossing in while limping and using a 'crutch,' and hope that Mom doesn't see and force you to dismantle it again lest you ACTUALLY injure yourself and require a real crutch."

It is an odd game. I'm thankful that they seem to have moved on? It was supposed to be Miller's Bridge from The Wingfeather Saga, but apparently everybody has currently moved on from Wingfeather Saga this week and now they're back to Pokemon. Sigh.

They're also still getting that target and bow & arrow out and doing target practice fairly frequently! All but one arrow is lost now, and nobody wants to stand more than about 3 feet away from the target to shoot, so I'm fairly certain they won't be doing any bow hunting in our woods in the near future. On the plus side, nobody has been shot with an arrow yet, so I'll take what I can get.

We had a late (very late!!) frost and prepared by covering all the delicate plants (with questionable success, though many of the tomatoes are actually coming back after their higher leaves were killed), and I cut a ton of irises just in case the frost killed them. Well, it left them alone, but at least we had flowers in the house for a while! Though bearded irises don't make the best cut flowers, they shrivel pretty quickly and you have to stay on top of trimming the dead ones to let the other buds bloom. Or you can be like me and just let them languish depressingly for a while, remembering them in their glory. Ah, but what glory it was!

(this is technically from two weeks ago! The computer broke right after I wrote my last review, and I only just got these photos uploaded)


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