39/52: Squash Harvest!

Tuesday, October 6, 2020


The squash vines started dying back and after weeks of harvesting a dozen or so at a time, we were ready for a BIG harvest! And I knew I couldn't do it all on my own... Those things get heavy, and it takes a long time to wade through the vines and find all the ripe ones... So I walked through the field and checked for ripe squash (Hubbard, spaghetti, butternut, and jarrahdale pumpkins, as well as a giant volunteer gourd plant), cutting the stems on all the ones that were ready to be loaded and cured. Then the kids got to work!

It's always amazing how quickly things can sometimes go when there are this many kids helping out - even Lucy helped! Well, Lucy grabbed a gourd and walked around with it for a few minutes and then demanded that I hold her. But hey, it's something. 

I think Mary Claire was probably the MVP, she was so excited about every single one she found, and loaded her arms and skirt as much as she could with every trip to the wheelbarrow. I didn't count how many we ended up harvesting, but it was more than two wheelbarrows full, definitely a successful year for us!


  1. Wow! Great harvest! Looks good!
    I read that you are not a fan of squash, but I love it. Baked in oven with some butter and brown sugar, I even like the skin when it gets all crispy.
    I have to chuckle when I see all the kids helping. It reminds me of growing up and sharing duty with my six siblings. My mom would always say, "I had all you kids so you could help out!". lol.

  2. I'm trying hard to learn to love it! Though if the kids will happily use it in baked goods, that's good enough for me! Too bad the spaghetti squash can't be used in muffins ;)


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