40/52: Family Photos!

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

 This isn't even close to all of them, but I'm not making you sift through a million photos right now... I'll just give you some of my favorites! I went all-in this year for family photos and instead of finding stuff in everybody's wardrobes that would work somewhat well, I got the girls all coordinating outfits (now I'm feeling annoyed that I didn't get the little girls' pinafores for everyone, they look a lot better than the big girls' but SHH no second guessing, and also the little girls' outfits are so big on them that maybe I'll just have them wear the same ones next year), and the boys are just outright matching. And for once we didn't just take pictures on our land! We actually got in a car and went to our local arboretum, which was absolutely worth it for the gorgeous shots my friend Rachel got!!

Lucy was showing her personality in spades the whole time, she desperately just wanted to go "WUNNIN' DOWN DA YANE!!!" so there ended up being a lot of pictures of her running away from us, but it's pretty adorable! And of course she decided she was DONE before we could get a good picture of all the kids together, but Rachel managed to capture a lot of amazing moments despite uncooperative children! Still trying to decide on a Christmas card photo and a framer for grandparents... But maybe they need photo books this year, since we have so many options!


  1. Yes! We need photo books of ALLLLL the shots! That one with Peter hugging Edith just made me go "AWWWWW!"

  2. All of your family photos were awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. I rarely ever take time to post a comment but I so enjoy reading your posts because my family is so similar to yours and I can relate so much and have a good laugh. We have 7 children 9 years old and younger. Your family is so beautiful. God bless you.


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