Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Saint confusion...

John Paul really loves our saint statues, especially his own statue of Mary that Sister brought back from Israel.  She also brought him a camel, and these three figurines (St. Therese, St. Mary, and camel) ended up on the buffet before lunch, like so:

He kept asking for St. Therese, so we told him that he could say "Hi" to the saints. 

"Hi Saint Tay-wez!  Hi Saint May-way!  Hi Saint Camel!"

Oh dear...  That's not exactly what we were going for.  Just because it's made of the same material doesn't make it a saint!

Sister and I corrected him saying, "No, there's no Saint Camel."

He looked confused.  "Saint Camel...  Pway fo us!"

I guess if there is a Saint Camel out there that we've never heard of, we're the only ones getting intercessions!
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