We have ourselves a climber!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cecilia only really figured out how to pull herself up reliably in the past week, but she sure is tenacious!  If I run to the kitchen for something, she tries to follow and I'm greeted by this:

 Thank goodness she can't actually climb the stairs yet!

Or she'll just hang out on the stairs like this:

She (like John Paul at the same age) also likes using the music cube as a base.  Unfortunately, it rolls away rather easily, so she mostly just ends up draped over it like this:

And she's pretty sure that any pile of toys is a good thing to climb on:

It's time to lower the crib mattress - she keeps pulling up on the bars and if we wait any longer I'm sure she'll climb out... 

John Paul is a BIG fan of this stage - Cecilia likes to pull up on his mattress and watch him play.  He starts jumping on the bed (doing his "WHAT" dance) and she just laughs uncontrollably because now he's shaking her a little bit.  I freaked out a bit the first time, but he's *so* careful, and he's never come close to jumping on her. 

I'm growing to love our carpeting - it looks a little grungy because it gets stained so easily, but it really helps keep me sane given the frequency of tumbles we're experiencing right now!

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