John Paul-isms, etc.

Monday, August 8, 2011

1.  John Paul has taken spelling to a new level.  He is constantly begging us to spell different words for him, and he decided to take matters into his own hands at dinner.  "J U speeeehws!"  "...  Juh?"  "JUH!"  Normally he sees letters somewhere and asks us what they spell ("J D E speeehws?"  "Nothing...  It's just on a license plate...") but this one he just made up out of thin air.  Reminds me of Patrick and "Prl prl prl!"

2.  I went upstairs to put Cecilia down for bed when I heard him very loudly counting in his room...  "EIGHTY NINE!  NINETY!"  Apparently he decided that since he couldn't fall asleep (perhaps because he wouldn't close his eyes and was talking very loudly?) he was simply going to count as high as possible.

3.  We've been working hard on using whole sentences to make requests, which has been a rather successful endeavor.  Today at the dinner table he reached for a knife, only to have it taken out of his grasp.  Not to be deterred, he very quietly asked (while the rest of us were talking), "May I pweez.  Have a knife!"  No one answered immediately (because we weren't listening) and he responded to himself, "Yes you may!" and happily grabbed for the knife again.  Luckily he was distracted by a fork before he could cause any damage with a butter knife...

4.  Sister and I were talking about various toddlers and degrees of self-sufficiency.  She thought it was particularly funny when I said, "Yeah, I'm not inclined to be proud of John Paul's many accomplishments.  I mean, sure, he can count to 100, but he can't pull up his own pants."

And that was our hilarity from today.

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  1. Laughing so hard that my cheek muscles hurt!

    And I don't know why you aren't proud of John Paul's many and varied accomplishments. Okay, so all of them are verbal and none involve fine motor coordination. Is this a problem? Or even a surprise?


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