Hanging in the crib

Friday, August 5, 2011

Cecilia sleeps in her crib less and less as the days go by...  This is something I'm hoping to change soon - I'm fine with her in bed with us for as long as necessary, but I know she's going to have to stop napping in her swing soon.  I just have no idea how I'll make this transition, but we've still got a while before she outgrows the swing (and that might be the deciding factor!). 

She does, however, still LOVE to play in there!  She rolls around, crawls from end to end, plays with her toys, bats at her mobile...

One of my favorite things that she does (and it may seem cruel) is when she sees something outside the crib that she really wants

Her face lights up.  She starts panting in anticipation (she may be a puppy.  I'm not yet sure.). 

Then the bellyflops (or crawling) start in earnest.  She goes to it!  But...  It's not actually within reach. 

Most recently this object of desire was the lamp on my bedside table.  She was SO.  Excited. 

The face.  The panting.  The tail wagging (oh wait.  Not a puppy.  But she kicks the lower part of her leg when she gets excited, and it really does look like a tail wagging!). 

She crawls as fast as humanly possible to get to that thing.  And she can't get there.  Most people would be upset by this.  Cecilia doesn't quite realize it's an impossible task.  So she just keeps going.  Repeatedly mashing her face into the bars of her crib, smiling all the while, panting with excitement. 

I eventually feel bad for her (or finish putting away the laundry) and take her out, but she's cheerful all the while.  Makes me thankful for cribs!  The problem with babies crawling this early is that they haven't reached that developmental stage where depth perception is a factor.  I'm sure that, given the opportunity, she wouldn't hesitate to crawl off a table, bed, or down the stairs.  I'm glad that we have a safe place to let her play while we're doing chores upstairs!

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