Aunt Sister is here!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sister (or Aunt Sister) is here visiting us after about 4 months away.  Kansas is too far! 

We have been having a VERY exciting time visiting all of John Paul's favorite places, including the playground, the bookstore, music class, the consignment store, and all his favorite friends. 

John Paul has gotten a little bit obsessed with presents...  Between his birthday and Aunt Sister coming to visit, he's gotten so many that he's come to expect them.  But they're always VERY exciting, both for him AND Cecilia!

"Just because I'm the girl, they think they can make me wear bows..."

Cecilia seems to be taking advantage of John Paul's distraction to grab a tasty number card.

Typical younger child - always trying to get in the middle of the action.

Playing with NUMBERS at the playground!

We've been having lots of fun - Sister has taken John Paul to mass in the morning a few times (where he behaves better than he does with us...), and they even took the metro to the Shrine!  We also tried to go to a movie in the theater - we lasted about 30 minutes and then the kids were both fussy enough that we gave up and left.  John Paul's favorite parts?  The steps.  And the elevator to the parking garage.  Simple pleasures, right?

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