Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Cecilia dressed up as a cupcake (purchased for $5 after Halloween last year) and was actually good enough to keep her hat on the entire time!

John Paul ended up deciding to be a generic shepherd - he switched from David to St. Dominic of Silos and couldn't decide...  The great thing about this costume is, it's good for Halloween, All Saints' Day, AND Christmas!  

Here's the little cupcake, all ready to go!

And of course, with her trick or treating bucket.

An unflattering shot of the family...

Ready to go!

The kids did an awesome job, and trick or treating ended up being a lot more bearable than I expected.  A fair amount of walking, but LOTS of stopping, and plenty of candy for me (I mean...  the kids?).

Last year John Paul kept eating candy as we walked and ended up puking as soon as we got home.  So this year my plan was that he had to immediately give me his candy and he got to have a fruit snack for every candy he traded in.  Well, mostly he forgot about the fruit snacks and just gave me his candy because the sheep took up all the room in his bucket.  So we ended up giving him like, 7 fruit snacks total.  And he chose M&Ms as his candy of choice when we got home, so he and Cecilia split a fun-sized package between the two of them.  10 M&Ms each and they were happy with it.  Halloween is actually pretty great when the expectation of gorging oneself on candy hasn't yet been established!

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  1. I didn't see on FB that he had a sheep in his bucket! That is wonderful!

    And Cecilia is the tutest tupcake imaginable!


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