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Monday, October 1, 2012

We are at a pretty lovely stage with Cecilia right now - nearly constant cute, minimal fussing, and a whole lot of new skills developed daily!  I asked her today what her favorite color is and she said, "Puhpow!  PINK!  PINK JUMPER!!!"  Because Grandma, when asked what color jumper Cecilia would prefer, found a lovely color of pink that Cecilia ADORES.  

This is NOT what I had planned for a little girl.  I never thought we'd have a child so obsessed with all things pink and girly, but Cecilia LOVES the color more than anything!

She's ridiculously verbal, I think mainly because John Paul never stops talking...  But her sentence structures are almost more advanced than his!  She loves to recount all the latest experiences she has had, particularly our latest visits to various farms.  "Diwya pet a TOW (cow)!  Mowwy!  Diwya pet Mowwy ear and Mowwy TISS (kiss) you!  Dee a pig at tox farms wiff Mom!  (See a pig at cox farms with mom) Dee a bunny and pet a bunny!  Doh tweet, doh toft... (see a bunny and pet a bunny, so sweet, so soft)"

Seriously, can you imagine the cute?  She NEVER stops talking, and is just so adorable.  She chases John Paul around the house trying to get him to do things for her or find out what he's reading.  "John Paw, TOOD you peez open it?  John Paw, what you WEADIN?  John Paw, may I peez HAVE it?"

She's recently started asking me what certain words spell whenever she sees them - exactly how John Paul started in his pre-reading stages, so we may very well end up with another early reader on our hands...  Or maybe she'll get over it?  I doubt it though, she's SO determined to keep up with her big brother.  John Paul's using the potty?  Cecilia will too!  John Paul's learning how to hold a pencil?  Cecilia will learn BETTER!  John Paul knows how to read?  CECILIA WILL LEARN TOO!!!

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  1. A cute, smart, competitive child? Gee, I cannot imagine where any of those characteristics come from . . . And yes, I'm including Andrew's half of her genes!


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