On the farm

Thursday, October 11, 2012

We've been lucky enough to get to Cox Farms twice so far this season (without breaking the bank - half-price opening weekend and afternoon fun pass) and have had a blast both times!

Here we are ready to go on a beautiful Friday afternoon

We stopped at Goat Village first, where John Paul very methodically checked the number on every. single. goat's. ear tag.  There was seriously NO enthusiasm, he considered this his job.  Read the number.  Pat the goat.  Move on.  

Cecilia had the guts to go in with Dad, but there was NO WAY she was getting down near those goats!

We hit some slides, the kids had a hayride while I sat down, and got some apples.  Cecilia spent quite a while hanging out in the train while she ate her entire apple (except the seeds and stem, most of which I think I wrestled from her before she swallowed them...).

Then we checked out some bunnies

And a mama pig!  And her babies!  Too cute!  Makes me appreciate the prospect of only nursing two babies at once, not the 8 that this mama had...  

Then there was some more sliding!

And a visit to the chicks and bunnies (and just such a cute pose - he's really learned to ham it up well!).

We saw a cow pooping, to which the kids enthusiastically responded, "AGAIN!!!  AGAIN PWEEZ!"

And of course, John Paul's favorite part - farm facts!


  1. Rosie, I don't know where you find these cute matching outfits for John Paul. Your kids are adorable! But where are the photos of the (becoming very) pregnant Rosie?? I need preggo photos :) And I'm really hoping Cecilia will get over her fear of animals eventually.

  2. Haha totally different plaids, but it's hard to tell in the pictures! The problem is I'm always behind the camera, so there aren't any pictures of me ever... Maybe we'll indulge the curiosity and take some belly photos soon! Although right now I'm only (hahaha) measuring 39 weeks, so it's not like it's *that* different from a regular preggo!


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