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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Well, here I am - 33 weeks pregnant with twins, measuring at about 39 weeks.  Everybody's been asking for pictures, so I figured we'd try to get some with John Paul.

So he immediately lifted up my shirt and kissed my belly like, 20 times.  Then he started pushing and pushing so that the babies would kick him...

Then he found out that a cup on Mom's tummy makes a circle!!!

It was REALLY funny!

Seriously, SO funny!

So we finally got him to calm down and try the kisses again...  As you can see, his attention is only on the camera!

This is what I get for raising a shy, shy child...


  1. Measuring 39 weeks for a singleton pregnancy? Or measuring 39 weeks for a twin pregnancy? I imagine it's the former, but I wanted to check.

    Anyway, you look terrific! No extra fat, just baby! I mean babIES . . . :-D

    I can't wait to hear what variety(ies) you're getting!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Rosie, you look absolutely amazing! Not that I expected anything less :) And JP is adorable as usual (when the camera is out at least). And if I get pregnant again, I'm so borrowing those pants. They looks super comfy.

  3. 39 weeks for a singleton pregnancy, of course! We'll (hopefully) find out on Wednesday what type. But there's definitely extra fat - you just can't tell that I've got an extra 2-3 inches on my hips :P

    Tina - it's a skirt! So it's totally work/church-appropriate and like, the most comfy thing ever!

  4. So there's two or three extra inches of fat on your hips, and we can't tell. If we can't see it, it sounds like no extra fat to me! Besides, who would ever expect you to be carrying all that baby, tissue, and fluid weight and not need extra cushioning to sit down on?


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