One last trip...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

To Cox Farms for the fall!  Of course, we had to start out with apples.

And the corn crib!

Then Cecilia started a trend and went down this slide probably 15 times, not minding that the "big kids" (3 & 4-year-olds) started sliding down immediately after her and kicked her several times...

Of course, she had to find a window for a nice pose!

And a pink "fwuck" although her pronunciation often doesn't include the "w" - little bit awkward...

Couldn't get a good picture of both of them in the egg shell, but John Paul sure tried!

And a SUPER awkward-looking picture that makes me laugh!

We tried another, but with a mouth crammed full of apple, there's only so cute you can get...

John Paul chose an awkward bumpy gourd as his "pumpkin" this time.  Cecilia started crying when we tried to get a picture of them together - I think she was scared to sit on the pumpkins?

So John Paul got to hold BOTH pumpkins and pose!

Cecilia made a run for the flowers...

And on the way out, more big kids showed her how to use these awesome feet!  She was NOT ready to leave, but I'd been on my feet for 2.5 hours and was ready to sit down!

One last awkward picture...  And we'll be back next year!  Definitely my favorite fall activity with the kids :)

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